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Magnets, those fascinating objects that can attract or repel each other and generate invisible force fields, are a part of our everyday lives. They’re in your headphones, fridge doors, credit cards, and MRI machines that help diagnose medical conditions. But what happens when you need to Send magnets in the mail? Can you pop them into an envelope, or is there more to it?

The process of mailing magnets is more complex. It involves more than simply encasing a magnet in bubble wrap and dispatching it on its journey. Following specific rules and steps is crucial, particularly when utilizing a service like USPS for public mailing. Follow these guidelines to avoid your package being returned, delayed, or disrupting other parcels.

The purpose of this blog post is to simplify the process of sending lead magnets via email. We examine the science behind magnets, explore shipping regulations, provide helpful advice on proper packaging, and even discuss potential challenges you may face. Whether you’re a business owner shipping magnetic merchandise to your customers or someone looking to send save-the-date magnets for your big day, this comprehensive guide will help you. Let us expand your knowledge of magnets!

send magnets in the mail

The Legality and Guidelines of Mailing Magnets 

USPS Guidelines

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has established comprehensive rules for mailing magnets. According to USPS Packaging Instruction 9B, magnetized materials can be mailed, provided that they meet all the requirements. One of the stipulations entails that magnets enclosed or attached must possess a minimum of 10 poles.

Furthermore, USPS has specific instructions on positioning magnets within the mailpiece. The magnet must be right-justified (leading edge) on the mailpiece. The magnet must be secured and right-justified if it is enclosed in an envelope.

Moreover, USPS allows mailing letter-size mailpieces with magnets if the design of the mailpiece has stayed the same since its approval. For smaller magnets, such as a thin 2×2 magnet, USPS suggests placing it between two pieces of stiff material to prevent it from moving inside the envelope.

Other Carriers’ Guidelines

Magnets are tricky. They might attach themselves to items they shouldn’t. So, to avoid any mix-ups, carriers have special rules for shipping magnets.

The critical thing is packing. You want your magnets snug and secure so they don’t move around in the box. If you are in a quandary about the next steps, avoid approaching a professional at the delivery firm. Their expertise in this field is unrivaled, and they would happily lend you their assistance!

Remember that by conforming to the standards and aptly securing our magnets, they will arrive at their target location without any setbacks. Trust in your abilities; you can do it!

International Shipping Rules

Now, what if you want to send magnets to another country? That can be more tricky because every country has its own rules.

Here’s the biggie: when you send magnets by air, they’re seen as “dangerous goods”. Why? Because they can mess with the plane’s tools. There are rules regarding this in the  International Air Transport Association  (IATA).

One of these rules concerns the strength of your package’s magnetic field. Suppose the gauge goes beyond 0.00525 gauss at a 15-foot distance from the package. Consider it in this light: if the magnetic force is too potent, it may lead to complications.

If you’re using USPS for international mail, you can send magnetized materials. But they can’t be super strong. Their magnetic field intensity should be under 0.002 gauss when measured from a distance of 7 feet.

magnets in mail

Send magnets in the mail

Proper packaging must be balanced, particularly when sending magnets in the mail. This critical aspect can significantly impact the success of a product’s journey from sender to receiver.

Consider how packaging acts as a defensive barrier for the item. As per the information at, it safeguards the product during transit, ensuring it remains intact and reaches its destination without any damage. This is especially true when you send magnets in the mail. The packaging must be robust enough to withstand the magnet’s pull and prevent it from causing any disruption.

As points out, it can also be used to create an unforgettable customer experience. When you send magnets in the mail, the packaging should be attractive and informative, making it easy for the recipient to handle and use them.

Furthermore, packaging is a significant contributor to efficient distribution. says it simplifies storage and conveys crucial handling information, which is beneficial when sending magnets in the mail. The packaging should include instructions about the magnet’s safe handling to prevent mishaps.

magnets on a conveyor belt

Why It’s Important to Pack Magnets Correctly

So you want to send magnets in the mail? That’s cool! But we need to make sure we do it right. 

First, magnets are strong and can mess up machines that sort out mail. If we don’t pack them correctly, they could cause some problems.

Secondly, magnets can break if they’re not handled carefully. We need a rigid box or bag to protect them during their journey.

Lastly, magnets like to stick to metal things. We want them to stick to what they should and avoid getting lost or causing a mess.

How to Send Magnets in the Mail: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Find the Right Box or Bag: Look for a sturdy box or padded bag that’s big enough for your magnet and some extra padding.
  • Wrap the Magnet: Cover your magnet in something like plastic or cardboard. This helps stop the magnet from messing with machines.
  • Add More Padding: Use bubble wrap or foam to cushion your magnet. This helps keep it safe from any knocks or drops.
  • Seal it Tight: Use strong tape to close your package. Make sure there aren’t any holes or loose corners.
  • Write Clearly: Let people know there’s a magnet inside by writing it on the package. This tells the mail folks to be extra careful with it.
  • Check the Rules: Before you send magnets in the mail, look at the post office’s rules. They might have special instructions about mailing magnets.

Case Study: ‘Save the Date’ Magnets

Let’s chat about when I had the job of mailing ‘Save the Date’ magnets for my buddy’s wedding. It was a real journey and boy; I learned a lot!

These ‘Save the Date’ magnets were so cute, with the wedding date and couple’s picture on them. But then came the tricky part – we had to mail them out. And guess what? Magnets need special care when you send them in the mail.

So here’s what we did. We found strong envelopes that could hold the magnets. We wanted to ensure these magnets didn’t stick to stuff they shouldn’t or make the mail-sorting machines go haywire.

Before slipping each magnet into the envelope, we wrapped it in cardboard. This gave it a little shield, keeping it safe and away from trouble.

Even though our envelopes were pretty rigid, we added extra bubble wrap around each magnet. We wanted to ensure they wouldn’t crack or break if knocked around during their journey.

We took strong tape and sealed each envelope tight, ensuring no sneaky holes or gaps.

And here’s a tip – we wrote “Magnet Inside” on each envelope. This is like a friendly heads-up to the mail folks, telling them to handle our envelopes with extra care.

organized mail

To be on the safe side, we checked the post office rules, too. Who knew there were special rules for sending magnets in the mail? Always good to check!

So, what’s the takeaway? If you’re planning to send magnets in the mail, spend some time packing them correctly. Choose a sturdy envelope, wrap your magnets well, add some extra cushioning, seal it all up securely, and don’t forget to write “Magnet Inside”. And remember to check the post office rules too!

By doing all this, we ensured our ‘Save the Date’ magnets reached everyone safely and soundly. And now, you know how to do it, too. Happy mailing, friend!

Problems and Solutions When Mailing Magnets

Common Issues

  • Stickiness: Magnets have a funny habit of sticking to anything metal. Great for fridge art, could be better for mail. They could stick to the mail truck or sorting machines, which might slow down your mail or even lose it!
  • Electronic Interference: Magnets can mess with electronics. If your magnet mail gets close to someone’s gadgets like a phone or laptop, it could cause some hassles.
  • Envelope Trouble: Magnets are sturdy and heavy. This means they might tear through a regular paper envelope. We don’t want your magnet escaping, do we?

Solutions and Preventive Measures

  • Strong Envelope: Always use a rigid envelope when you send magnets in the mail. Something made from thick paper or bubble wrap should do the trick.
  • Wrap It Up: Wrap the magnet in some cardboard or thick paper. This helps to stop it from sticking to things it shouldn’t.
  • Label It: Remember to tell the post office that there’s a magnet inside. Write “Magnet Inside” on the envelope so they know to handle it carefully.
  • Know The Rules: Finally, check with the post office for any special rules about mailing magnets. They’ll keep you right on what you can and can’t do.

Last words

Alright, buddy, let’s wrap up our chat about sending magnets in the mail. Remember, magnets can be tricky to send because they love sticking to metal and can mess with electronics. Plus, they can tear through a standard envelope. 

But don’t worry! You can use a strong envelope and wrap the magnet in cardboard. Don’t forget to label your package “Magnet Inside” so the post office knows to handle it with care. And always ask your post office about any special rules for mailing magnets. Remember these tips; you’ll have no problem sending magnets in the mail. Happy mailing!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.