Best portable telescope

best portable telescope

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Ready to discover the mysteries of space but find big telescopes too much trouble? Guess what? You’re in for a treat because we’re diving into the world of portable telescopes!

With these tools, you can admire stars, planets, and galaxies—there’s no need for a spaceship or fixed observatory. Don’t sweat it if you wonder, “But how do I choose?

“This blog will help you discover the perfect portable telescope for your backpack. It will match your interests and budget well. We cover all you need about stargazing.

Whether you’re new or experienced, we’ve got you covered. It is our goal to keep things fun and simple while avoiding jargon. Come on, buckle up, and let’s begin our stellar journey together.

After reading this, you’ll be set to find your ideal partner and admire the sky’s beauty wherever you go. Reaching for the stars is our goal! It’s time to go!

Portable telescope Comparison in 2024



Focal Length

Item Weight


Celestron Travel Telescope



4.2 Pounds

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Eaconn Telescopes



1.85 pounds

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Celestron Travel Scope 70 DX 



3.3 Pounds

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Celestron  PowerSeeker 60 AZ



3.6 Pounds

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Celestron Classic FirstScope



3.7 Pounds

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Our best choice: Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope – Portable Refractor Telescope

I am so excited to share THE best companion for our stargazing adventures with you! I refer to the Celestron 70mm Travel Scope. It changes the game for portable refractor telescopes. You may ask, “Why? ” Well, stay tuned because you’re about to learn something incredible!

Celestron’s 70mm Travel Scope is like a superhero in portable telescopes. This device’s superior optics are something to be marveled at. Its glass lenses are fully coated and show clear and bright views.

When you gaze up and spot the moon’s craters in such vivid detail, you might feel like you could touch them. One of its best features is that its lightweight frame makes it easy to carry without being bulky.

The eyepieces will now be discussed. This telescope has two excellent eyepieces – 20mm and 10mm. You can use them to see stars up close or watch birds in your yard. These eyepieces are fantastic if you like looking at stars at night or watching nature during the day.

With the 70mm objective lens, the magic happens. This model provides a brighter, more transparent view and gathers more light efficiently. Explore more easily with this bad boy and spend less time on setups.

You still need to finish! The Celestron 70 mm Travel Scope is a telescope and adventure kit in one. It has many things, like a strong stand for stable viewing. Plus, it is a unique bag that is easy to carry.

Also, you can get an accessible popular astronomy software program. You can use this telescope to see new or experienced space in astronomy. Celestron’s unbeatable warranty and unmatched customer support round out this telescope.

The US-based experts we work with have over 60 years of combined experience. If you want to explore outer space, the Celestron 70mm Travel Scope is an excellent option. With nothing else, you can get a better value for your money.

It has many extra features and top-notch quality that can’t be beaten. Our journey among the stars is starting soon. Let’s uncover the mysteries of the sky. Why wait any longer?

  • Excellent optics.
  • Easy to carry and set up.
  • Simple to use with added extras.
  • Good customer service and warranty.
  •  Comes with a tripod, a backpack
  • Lacks higher-end capabilities.
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Buying guide for Best portable telescope

Portability and Weight: When buying a portable telescope, check how light it is and how easy it is to transport. Having a large or heavy telescope may mean you won’t be able to use it as often.

Imagine planning an excellent stargazing trip, thinking, “Do I want to carry this heavy thing all the way there? ” That could be a real bummer. Portability and weight are also crucial. If your telescope is light and easy to move, you’ll want to use it constantly.

You can quickly grab the sky and go outside if it looks interesting. If it is too heavy or bulky, it may collect dust. Think about where you will store it when you aren’t using it.

Large and heavy telescopes require more space and should be protected from bumping and dropping. The best portable telescope for viewing the stars is lightweight and allows you to see them. Doing so will allow you to explore the sky more readily. 

Aperture Size: When considering getting a portable telescope, you need to know about aperture size. Aperture size can be thought of as a telescope’s giant eye. The larger your eye is, the more light it can see, so you can see brighter and more transparent stars and planets. 

By ignoring the aperture size, you might not be able to see the stars and planets as well as you expected. You might glimpse some stuff through a small aperture but won’t get the whole picture. 

However, bigger doesn’t always mean better. You can get great views with a large aperture, which may make the telescope heavier and more prominent. You should not carry it around quickly if you plan to use it for that purpose. 

You need to find an excellent compromise to reach a good middle ground. Find a telescope with an aperture large enough to provide clear, bright views yet not so large that it becomes difficult to move. Keeping an eye on the sky will be a blast this way. 

Optical Quality: Portable telescopes should be purchased based on their optical quality. Telescopes can be described as having sharp vision because of their visual quality.

Through your telescope, you can see stars, planets, and galaxies in clarity and crispness, depending on its design. When optical quality is lacking, there can be many “uh-oh” moments.

If Saturn and its rings were blurry and washed out, how exciting would it be to spot them? You can see the cosmos better if your telescope has good optics. Watching your favorite movie on a smudgy screen is just like watching a smudgy movie. 

Good optical quality results in bright, sharp images. Moon detail will be enhanced, distant galaxies will be visible, and perhaps a shooting star will also be visible. Since you’re looking for a portable telescope, a portable telescope should give you amazing views without being bulky or difficult to carry. Make sure you don’t skip checking the optical quality. With this one tip, you can transform your stargazing into a “wow” experience! 

Mount and Tripod: It is very important to remember the mount and tripod when purchasing a portable telescope. A mount and tripod support telescopes, so you can explore the stars while the telescope is held up and kept steady by them. 

When you skip checking the tripod and mount, you may run into problems. The telescope stand keeps wobbling as you try to view a tiny, faraway star with your telescope.

It must be frustrating to go through that. A shaky hand makes everything blurry when you take a picture. Your telescope must be mounted and tripoded correctly to ensure stability and smooth movement.

This method makes it easy to track stars without losing sight of them. Using a sturdy tripod will prevent your telescope from toppling. Make sure you choose a tripod and mount you like when selecting a portable telescope. For a hassle-free night sky experience, you need solid, reliable telescopes. 

Ease of Use: When buying a portable telescope, it is essential to consider its ease of use. Imagine, ease of use is like how friendly your telescope is. Does it make you smile when you set it up, or does it make you want to pull your hair out 

If you ignore how user-friendly the telescope is, you might get. You could have this excellent telescope sitting in your room, but if it’s too complicated or takes forever to set up, chances are, it’s going to collect dust.

It’s like having a fantastic bike that’s always too hard to ride. A telescope that’s easy to use means you’ll be out there looking at stars and planets in no time. This software is simple to set up, easy to understand, and doesn’t require much skill to use.

This method allows you to spend less time fiddling with gears and more time admiring the sky. When making your choice, consider the portable telescope’s user-friendliness. An easy-to-use telescope will make your stargazing adventures much more enjoyable.

Top 5 portable telescope

Would you like to embark on a stargazing adventure? This blog has everything you need to pick the best portable telescope. You’ll discover the top five choices from our list, making finding the perfect one easy. Using the right telescope for you, let’s explore the stars!

Eaconn Telescopes for Adults Astronomy, 80mm Aperture 600mm Refractor Telescope

Would you like to bring the stars closer to your eyes with a telescope? This EACONN 80mm Aperture Telescope may be what you’re looking for. Discover what makes this telescope one of the best on the market.

The EACONN telescope has an aperture of 80mm. What does this mean for you? You can see the night sky more clearly and brightly. This telescope can collect lots of light to let you see beyond the basics of outer space.

Furthermore, its fully coated green optics glass lens ensures better light transmission. Less light is lost as a result, so your views are brighter and sharper. Adjusting and positioning the gimbal with a scale makes using this telescope easy.

This feature allows you to quickly move the telescope to locate and follow stars in the sky. EACONN telescopes come with accessories. Let’s talk about magnifications (K20mm and K9 mm).

It has two eyepieces. Each eyepiece lets you see more of the night sky or look more closely at specific things. The 5×24 finder scope also makes it easy to locate objects because it has a crosshair.

A special adapter can be used to connect your phone to the telescope. This lets you capture amazing sights from space instantly. Are you concerned about setup and portability?

You don’t have to be. This telescope will benefit beginners and kids. Detailed installation instructions and a video are included with the product. You can assemble it in just a few minutes.

A handy bag contains all the accessories, including an adjustable tripod. So, you can quickly set up your telescope in your backyard for a fun, stargazing night or bring it along on trips.

The EACONN 80 mm aperture telescope is a great gift idea for people who love astronomy. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or just for their love of space, this gift is perfect.

Family members can learn and have fun with this telescope. They can watch birds or look at the moon and planets. Astronomical observations with telescopes like the Earth go beyond the stars. This device’s easy-to-use features can transform your nighttime adventures into unforgettable memories.

  • Captures more light for brighter, more explicit images.
  • A fully coated lens improves image clarity and light transmission.
  • User-friendly design for easy tracking and finding objects.
  • Includes multiple eyepieces, a finder scope, and a phone adapter.
  •  It is designed for beginners, with a carrying bag and adjustable tripod.
  • The tripod may lack stability in windy conditions.
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Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope DX – Portable Refractor Telescope 

We’re going to review the Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope DX. Enjoy your next adventure under the stars with this excellent kit. Telescopes do more than you think. They are like special tickets to the universe kept in your backpacks just for you. What an exciting prospect.

First, this telescope has fully coated glass optics. What does that mean for you? You get clearer and sharper views of the night sky and faraway scenery during the day. The heart of this telescope is its 70mm objective lens.

Compared to smaller telescopes, it brings in more light, making things appear brighter and clearer. This situation is a win-win for both parties! The following are a few things you need to know about eyepieces.

Two lenses are included in the kit: a 20mm lens and a 10mm lens. You can see the world from various perspectives using these cute little guys. The 20mm lens shows you expansive views of the sky.

The 10mm lens lets you focus closely on details like Saturn’s rings or the Moon’s craters. Here’s your chance to have some fun. Imagine capturing what you see through a telescope with this setup!

Bluetooth remotes and smartphones make it easy to take photos. Sharing celestial or wildlife photos and videos through social media is easy. There is a broader selection of accessories available.

The package has a tall tripod, a filter for the Moon’s brightness, and a lens that makes things look more prominent. Young astrophotographers can benefit from an adapter for smartphones and a Bluetooth release.

The backpack makes all your adventures easy since it fits everything. This telescope allows you to see the stars clearly when you’re in your backyard or out in the country.

The US Warranty team at Celestron can answer any questions about this investment. As a company in the telescope business since 1960, they know what they are doing.

The Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope DX is excellent for new astronomers. It’s easy to use, high quality, and portable for upgrades. With this device, you can personally explore the cosmos and make discoveries.

  • Portable with a backpack.
  • Clear optics.
  • Multiple eyepieces.
  • Smartphone compatible.
  • Good warranty and support.
  • Limited for deep-sky viewing.
  • The Steep learning curve for newbies.
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Celestron – PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope – Manual Alt-Azimuth Telescope for Beginners

Introducing the Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope – a great friend for stargazers. Start your journey in astronomy with this device. It’s not just a telescope; it’s designed for beginners to explore the universe.

PowerSeeker 60AZ’s beginner-friendly vibe sets it apart from the competition. Celestron designed this telescope to make astronomy easy for everyone. It offers good quality and value.

It doesn’t confuse beginners but encourages them to stargaze easily. The manual yoke mount is at the heart of its design. This feature is all about simplicity and precision.

The telescope’s smooth panning mechanism makes finding and focusing astronomical bodies more accessible. The height rods can be adjusted and secured according to your preference.

This mechanism’s simplistic design perfectly captures an awe-inspiring cosmic moment. With a small size and lightweight, the PowerSeeker 60AZ is excellent for outdoor fun.

Whether visiting a dark sky park or a remote campsite, this is the perfect travel companion. The goodies don’t stop there. This telescope comes with many accessories to make stargazing more enjoyable.

The telescope includes two eyepieces – one 20mm and the other 4mm. It also has a finderscope, a 3x Barlow lens, and an erect image diagonal for easy use. With free astronomy software, you can explore the universe.

Choosing a Celestron means you’re worthy of quality and support. Since 1960, they’ve been trusted in the world of telescopes. You get a 2-year warranty. Experts in the US can help you.

Join the stargazing community that loves sharing the universe with everyone. The Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope is not just for watching stars. It starts your journey through space. It’s simple to use, great for traveling, and has all you need to begin your journey into space. Here’s to cleaners and discoveries!

  •  Easy setup and user-friendly.
  • Designed for outdoor stargazing.
  •  Comes with essential accessories, including eyepieces and a Barlow lens.
  •  Offers excellent value for those on a budget.
  •  Includes free astronomy software to aid learning.
  • Requires manual adjustment.
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Celestron – 76mm Classic FirstScope – Compact and Portable Tabletop Dobsonian Telescope

Imagine you want to find stars and patterns in the sky or maybe even see a planet. You are intimidated by the complexity of telescopes and aren’t sure where to begin.

With Celestron FirstScope, you can become an astronomer! It is essential to know a few things about Spartan. This telescope is easy to use despite its Dobsonian style. This telescope gives excellent views of faraway stars and galaxies.

Its substantial base and 76mm mirror make it fantastic for stargazing. With FirstScope, you always have it with you. Its tabletop design allows you to set it up anywhere: on your balcony, in the backyard, or on a camping trip.

It is easy to store because it is lightweight, space-saving, and portable. It takes just a few minutes to get started with FirstScope. Neither settings nor adjustments are complicated.

Stargazing is as easy as pointing the tube toward the part of the sky you’re interested in. This hands-on method is simple and helps you get familiar with the night sky naturally.

The FirstScope is not just a stellar observer; it’s also quite beautiful. This telescope is also a keepsake because of its stylish and decorative design. If you want a lovely gift to show someone about astronomy, this is perfect for you or a family member or friend.

The Celestron 76mm FirstScope is the top choice for beginner telescopes. It is simple, portable, easy to use, and elegant. FirstScope makes exploring the universe easy and fun. It’s excellent for beginners in astronomy or as a thoughtful gift option. So, why hesitate? The stars are waiting for you! So, why wait? The stars are calling!

  • Perfect for newcomers to astronomy.
  • Easy to transport and set up anywhere.
  • No complex adjustments are needed.
  • It’s good value for those on a budget.
  •  Struggles with faint deep-sky objects.
  • Requires manual adjustment.
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Last words

With so many portable telescopes available, choosing the right one can seem daunting. But don’t worry—I’ve got you covered. The Celestron 70mm Travel Scope stands out in the competition.

It is excellent for several reasons, including its balance of quality and affordability. When you buy a telescope, you’re getting more than a tool; you’re getting an experience too.

This is a huge win for my book. People who bought the telescope love it. It’s easy for people on the go, perfect for beginners and experienced stargazers. You’re not just getting a gadget when you buy the Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope; you’re opening up new worlds.

Its light and easy-to-carry design lets you take it anywhere, whether camping or in your yard. Explorers of the night sky will love the Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope. The optimal method to view stars is by using a telescope up close; they provide unmatched value. Why wait to start your celestial journey?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.