Best incubator for quail eggs

incubator for quail eggs

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Are you planning to hatch quail eggs but need help deciding which incubator to choose? You’re not the only one. Selecting the best incubator can be tricky with so many options available.

But don’t worry. This blog will help you navigate through this tricky process. Choosing the right incubator will be easier with this detailed guide. Whether experienced or new, it’s a helpful resource for all hatchers.

We searched online, compared many models, and put together the best options in one place. Choosing the correct incubator can boost your hatching success. Remember, each incubator is unique.

So, strap in and prepare to discover the key to successful quail egg incubation. By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to make a confident choice. Let’s dive in!

Incubator for quail eggs Comparison in 2024






MeeF incubator


28  chicken


plastic ABS

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Hethya Incubator


63-70 quail eggs


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Ruopamiu Egg Incubator


 42 quail eggs

Plastic ABS

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Hethya Incubator


66 quail eggs

plastic ABS

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Sailnovo Incubator


20  chicken


plastic ABS

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Our best choice: MeeF incubators for Hatching Eggs, Automatic 28 Eggs Incubator with Automatic Turner and Humidity Control

A MeeF Egg Hatching Incubator is ideal for bird breeders who love quality. This product’s unique features set it apart from the competition. Incubators aren’t just incubators; they’re game-changers designed to meet your needs precisely.

Breeders will be glad to learn that the MeeF incubator turns eggs automatically. The egg rotation is carried out every 90 minutes, significantly increasing hatching rates.

Turning manually or keeping track of rotation schedules is no longer necessary. This incubator takes care of your eggs without needing constant watching. But the features don’t stop there.

The MeeF incubator has a humidifier that controls humidity levels precisely. This incubator is intelligent due to fast humidification and automatic humidity control. It’s also convenient.

It removes uncertainty, ensuring your eggs hatch successfully in the best conditions. Another innovative feature is the air director. This upgraded part slows the hot air flow into the area where the eggs hatch.

It helps prevent uneven heating and too much dampness caused by fast winds. The cover spreads hot air evenly in the incubator, keeping the temperature the same. The MeeF incubator also utilizes pulse heating.

When the temperature reaches a preset range, this mode is automatically activated. The device maintains a constant temperature using less energy, which boosts hatching rates and saves breeders money.

Moreover, this incubator provides a lot of flexibility. This kit includes 12 egg trays in addition to 28. Eggs from quail, pigeons, and even giant duck and goose eggs can be hatched in this incubator.

The MeeF Incubator for Hatching Eggs is an excellent product. Thousands of satisfied customers have tested and proven it effective with hatching. Their positive reviews indicate that it is reliable and efficient.

A severe breeder who wants the best for their eggs should look no further than this incubator. Investing in your passion is more than just a purchase; it pays off with results. So, why wait? Join the happy breeders who have discovered the magic of the MeeF Incubator. It’s time to take your hatching game to the next level!

  • High capacity with the ability to incubate up to 30 eggs.
  • Automatic humidity control.
  • Contributes to higher hatching rates.
  • Suitable for various types of eggs.
  • Maintains consistent temperature for optimal incubation.
  • It may require a learning curve to fully understand and utilize all features.

Buying guide for Best incubator for quail eggs

Capacity: An essential factor to consider when purchasing a quail egg incubator is its capacity. Why is that crucial, and what does it mean? I’ll make it simple for you. Understanding an incubator’s capacity is vital when choosing one for quail eggs.

A high-capacity incubator is ideal for hatching large eggs, while a compact one is perfect for beginners or smaller batches. Choosing the suitable capacity ensures efficient hatching and cost-effective use of space.

Overlooking the capacity of a small incubator can lead to frustration. It’s like a soccer team trying to fit into mini-cars—it’s simply not possible! Similarly, investing in a giant incubator without considering your needs may result in unnecessary costs and space problems.

You wouldn’t buy a mansion when you only need a cozy cottage if you invested in a large incubator instead. It takes up more space than necessary and costs more than you can afford. So, consider your needs before making a decision.

Be sure to consider the incubator’s capacity before you buy it. The quality of your eggs can significantly affect the success of egg hatching. Congratulations on hatching!

Automatic Turning: When buying an incubator for hatching quail eggs, one feature to remember is automatic turning. But why is this so crucial? Let’s make it simple.  Turning eggs is vital during the incubation process.

It prevents the developing bird from sticking to the shell and helps it grow properly. It’s like turning a pancake in a pan so it cooks evenly. Now, imagine the relief of not having to manually turn all your eggs multiple times a day.

It can be pretty overwhelming, isn’t it? That’s where the convenience of automatic turning comes in. An incubator with this feature takes over the task, freeing up your time and energy.

It’s like having a reliable assistant in your kitchen, making your hatching process a breeze! However, choosing an incubator without automatic turning will require manual labor.

Any mistake in turning the eggs could detrimentally affect the chicks’ development, which can be exhausting and time-consuming. Unless you stir while you cook, you may end up with a mess!

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of manual and automatic turning. Choose an incubator with automatic turning. This way, the hatching process can be improved significantly, making it more efficient and successful. My best wishes to you, and I hope you have a wonderful hatching experience! 

Humidity Control: Humidity control is a crucial feature in quail egg incubators. It plays a significant role in ensuring successful hatching. Let’s delve into why this feature is so vital. 

Incubators can maintain the proper humidity level by controlling the humidity inside. To ensure the comfort and growth of developing chicks, a certain amount of water must be present in the air around them.

Maintain your health by drinking enough water every day! Opting for an incubator without humidity control is like navigating a treacherous terrain. The chicks’ development is hindered if the environment is too moist or too dry.

It’s akin to surviving in a rainforest or a desert – a challenging and unpleasant experience! A humidifier ensures the air inside your incubator is suitable for your eggs. If this increases your chances of a successful hatch, you will be confident that your investment is well-placed.

Every day is perfect weather in your cozy home! Considering the significant role humidity control plays in the healthy birth of your quail chicks, it’s clear that this feature is a must-have for successful hatching. A rewarding hatching experience begins with preparation and knowledge.

Top 5 incubator for quail eggs

We’ve compiled a list of the five best incubators for hatching quail eggs. To help you make the best choice, we studied a wide range of sources and gathered insights from many sources. This guide will significantly assist you in selecting the best incubator, no matter what level you are at in your breeding career.

Hethya Incubators for Hatching Eggs, 35 Eggs Incubator with Automatic Egg Turning and Humidity Control

Egg incubation is simplified and streamlined using Hethya Incubators. The incubator can hold different amounts of eggs based on the type of bird. For instance, it can accommodate 35 chicken eggs, 25-28 duck eggs, 15-20 goose eggs, 42-49 pigeon eggs, or 63-70 quail eggs.

One of the standout features is fully automatic humidity control. The system automatically adjusts humidity levels using a water pump. All you need to do is fill the water cup once daily.

This simple task makes maintaining optimal humidity easy. The incubator also features an automatic turning function. Turning eggs every 90 minutes prevents the shell and egg membrane from sticking, improving the hatch rate.

The slow rotation of the rollers ensures gentle handling of your precious eggs. A built-in egg candler helps you choose fertilized eggs and watch embryo growth. It gives you an exciting look into hatching.

For the best results, use it in a dark room. For best results, use it in a dark environment. The device ensures temperature stabilization through high-quality heating lines.

Once it reaches the set temperature, minimal fluctuations keep your eggs warm consistently. If it’s cold, you can keep the incubator warm by using the foam box included.

The Hethya Incubator can be powered by a 110V outlet or a 12V battery, giving you options. This makes it perfect for places with inconsistent power sources and suitable for use in areas with intermittent power.

The Hethya Incubator helps with hatching eggs for learning, small-scale farming, or breeding—beginners like how easy it is to use, while experts value the control it provides.

Any issues you encounter are just a call away with its robust after sales service. Simply put, the Hethya Egg Incubator makes hatching eggs easy and enjoyable.

  • Adjustable egg tray spacing.
  • Automatic humidity control.
  • External water addition function.
  • Large-capacity models are available.
  • Dual power supply options.
  • Constant power supply required.

Ruopamiu 16 Egg Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner, Temperature and Humidity, Build-in Egg Candler

Multiple elements in the Ruopamiu 16 Egg Incubator help with hatching eggs effectively. This kit will benefit any hobbyist, farmer, or educator who wants to hatch poultry eggs.

You can easily control and change the incubation settings using the LCD screen. Adjust egg turning time, days, temperature, and humidity effortlessly. You can increase your hatching rate significantly by ensuring an optimal hatching environment.

One critical feature of this machine is its automatic egg turner. It rotates eggs every 2 hours to avoid yolks sticking and help embryos grow well. This consistent rotation guarantees even heat distribution, providing optimal conditions for successful hatching.

The Ruopamiu Incubator has a unique turbo design. It also has advanced air circulation. This incubator helps embryos grow well by keeping each egg consistently warm.

This incubator features an egg candler that allows you to observe the eggs’ development. The detachable chassis makes cleaning after incubation easier. It also allows you to add water externally.

Another advantage is its versatility. This incubator can lay chicken, duck, goose, bird, and pigeon eggs. The egg tray can hold different types of eggs: 16 eggs, 9 duck eggs, 4 goose eggs, or 30 quail eggs.

Having a clear 360-degree view is an educational gem. Observing incubation in a classroom setting fosters curiosity. It enhances understanding of life’s miracles.

  • Easy-to-use LCD.
  • Automatic egg turner for even heat.
  • External water addition for humidity control.
  • Clear window for easy monitoring.
  • 24-hour customer service support.
  • Limited capacity for large-scale hatching.

Hethya Incubators for Hatching Eggs, 24-36 Eggs Incubator with Egg Candler, Automatic Egg Turner, and Humidity Monitoring

Hethya Incubators help hatch eggs at home or on a small farm. This incubator can hold 24-36 eggs. It is good for people who like hobbies, have small farms, or teach students about chicks’ birth.

One of the product’s most impressive features is its automatic egg-turning mechanism. Rotate the incubator’s eggs every 90 minutes for even heating. Prevent embryos from sticking.

This feature alone can significantly improve your hatching success rate. The Hethya incubator has a system that adds water and checks humidity automatically. These features keep your eggs in a perfect environment, with no manual adjustments needed.

Just set it up, and the incubator will take care of the rest. The egg incubator inside helps you see the embryo grow better in the dark. This incubator is versatile and has many other great features.

Chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, and quail eggs can be inserted at any time into the roller spacing. This incubator helps you begin raising backyard chickens or breeding unique birds.

Furthermore, the incubator can be powered by 110V or 12V. The eggs will remain warm and safe if there is a power outage. Hatching eggs are made more accessible with Hethya incubators. They have user-friendly and advanced features, and both beginners and experienced breeders like them.

  • Adjustable tray spacing.
  • External water addition.
  • In-built humidity monitor.
  • Versatile for different eggs.
  • Dual power supply options.
  • Plastic construction may lack durability.

Sailnovo 20 Egg Incubator, with Automatic Egg Turner & Candler, External Water Addition

Egg incubators like the Sailnovo 20 hatch chicken, quail, and pigeon eggs efficiently and effectively. This digital incubator’s 20-egg capacity and uniform heat control mechanism make it stand out.

A precise humidity display ensures high-efficiency incubation. Stable temperature control is one of the critical features of this incubator. The hatching chamber maintains the correct temperature and humidity levels using heating technology and double-air heating fans.

A lid can also be opened without adding water. A bottle in the kit makes it easy to lock warm air inside and makes the process more efficient. The unit has an automatic temperature and humidity control system and, an automatic egg turner, and a temperature alarm. 

A remarkable feature of the Sailnovo incubator is its built-in automatic egg turner and LED candler. The egg turner promotes healthy egg development and minimizes the need for human intervention by flipping the eggs every two hours.

Without an additional egg candler, the LED candler allows you to monitor the development of the eggs quickly. A feature of the Sailnovo incubator that stands out is its ease of operation.

The digital LED display is simple, showing essential hatching indices like temperature and humidity. Besides the egg turner and LED candler, you can also set the alarm function to notify you of current temperatures and humidity levels. 

The clear ABS lid provides excellent visibility, making it ideal for educational and professional use. No matter where you are, whether at home, in a lab, or at school, you can observe hatching. Hatching results are also improved by its well-sealed design.

  • High capacity of up to 20 eggs.
  • Can hatch various types of eggs.
  • Built-in LED candler for easy monitoring.
  • Advanced temperature and humidity control.
  • User-friendly with digital LED display.
  • No battery backup in case of a power outage. 

Last words 

Our top recommendation for quail eggs is the MeeF Automatic 28 Eggs Incubator. It’s the best. This incubator has high capacity and advanced features, making hatching effortless.

The eggs grow well with a machine that turns them and accurately controls humidity. What sets it apart is the exceptional value for money it offers. Both beginners and experienced breeders will benefit from its high-end features.

Plus, it has an affordable price point. MeeF incubators hatch eggs well and are affordable, maximizing your investment. Consider the MeeF Automatic 28 Eggs Incubator for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective hatching. Your purchase won’t be a regret due to its performance and affordability.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.