Best 8 inch telescope

best 8 inch telescope

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Choosing an 8-inch telescope is like getting a ticket to a thrilling space journey. These tips are useful for stargazers of all ages, whether new or experienced. Night skies are full of beautiful sights, whether from planets or the moon.

Get expert advice and recommendations to find the best 8-inch telescope for stargazing. In 2024, you have great choices like the nimble Dobsonian or the fancy GoTo telescope.

It is more fun to explore the universe when you learn more about it. Take advantage of all the knowledge you can and make wise choices. Experiencing the universe’s secrets will be awe-inspiring as you journey among the stars!

8 inch telescope Comparison in 2024



Focus Type

Focal Length


Celestron  StarSense


Manual Focus


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Sky Watcher Quattro 200P

Sky Watcher

Auto Focus


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CELESTRON Flextube 200


Auto Focus


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Orion CC8


Manual Focus


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Sky-Watcher S11800


Manual Focus


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Our best choice: Celestron – StarSense Explorer 8-inch Dobsonian Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope

Get ready for a fantastic journey with the Celestron StarSense Explorer Telescope. This isn’t just any telescope; it’s your guide to the cosmos. This telescope uses special technology to help new and experienced stargazers.

It calculates real-time star positions using your smartphone by analyzing star patterns overhead. Imagine having a celestial map that updates instantly as you navigate the night sky!

One of StarSense Explorer’s best features is the mobile app. The app uses your precise location and time to recommend the best objects to view. At night, you can always find something interesting in the city or countryside.

Planets, galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, and deep-sky objects are nearby, some faint. This telescope has a parabolic primary mirror, a Newtonian reflector, and XLT optical coatings.

As a result, you can view the best celestial objects brightly and in detail. Explore the universe and discover distant galaxies and neighboring planets. Another highlight is the manual dobsonian base.

Teflon bearings help the telescope move smoothly for better aiming. Click the arrows on the screen to choose your target. You’ll see the bullseye turn green when you select it.

Telescopes like this one come with lifetime warranties and customer service. Furthermore, Celestron manufactures telescopes and has an expert team in the United States. Our goal is to ensure that your purchase meets your expectations.

Perhaps you have a question about the cost. When you buy the Celestron StarSense Explorer, you’re not just getting a telescope; you’re investing in a lifetime of exploring the universe.

The universe is vast and full of wonders; this telescope is your key to unlocking them all. So why wait? Join us on a cosmic adventure with the Celestron StarSense Explorer 8-inch Telescope. Trust us, it’s an investment you won’t regret. The stars are waiting!

  • Large 8″ aperture for bright, clear images.
  • Comes with a 2-year US warranty and excellent support.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • High-quality build from a reputable brand.
  • A great educational tool for astronomy enthusiasts.
  • Heavy reliance on smartphones for operation.
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Buying guide of Best 8-inch telescope

Optical Quality: Choosing a high optical quality telescope is a critical decision. It’s like the heart and soul of your telescope; it lets you see the stars and other celestial bodies. 

A telescope’s optical quality is determined by its light-gathering capacity. Unlike a bucket that collects rain, it holds more rain as its size increases. Larger telescope lenses or mirrors can gather more light, making them more prominent in diameter.

In other words, look for a telescope with a larger diameter when choosing one. This will enable you to see galaxies and stars farther away in greater detail. It’s not enough to have a big lens; it’s also essential to have a high-quality lens.

Please look at it this way: a dirty window makes it impossible to see clearly, won’t it? A telescope works the same way. Defects in the lens may distort the image, making it difficult to see clearly. 

It is also essential to remember that the weather can affect your telescope’s performance. Even with the best telescope, bad weather may prevent you from seeing the stars. 

Therefore, you must verify the telescope’s optical quality before buying it. Choosing the right telescope will prevent problems in the future, and you want to view the universe from the best vantage point. 

Mount Stability: Imagine holding a pair of binoculars, trying to focus on a far-off bird. If your hands shake even a little, the bird becomes a blur, right? The same principle applies when using a telescope to gaze at the stars. That’s where the mount comes in. 

The mount is like the legs of a table – it holds your telescope steady. Knowing about the mount’s stability is super important when buying a telescope. Why, you ask? Well, think about it.

The stars and planets you’re looking at are millions of miles away. Even the tiniest movement can make them look blurry. A stable mount keeps your telescope still, giving you a clear, sharp view of the skies. 

A sturdy mount is also essential for holding a telescope. If your telescope mount is not strong enough to support the weight of the telescope, it can tip over. Damage to your telescope could be as detrimental to your stargazing as the effects on your eyes. 

Motorized and computerized mounts allow you to point your telescope exactly where you want. This is useful when sifting through the night sky to locate a specific star or planet. 

It is, therefore, essential to check out the mount before buying a telescope. You can avoid problems by knowing these things before purchasing a telescope. Is it stable and solid? Does it have a motor or computer control? I wish you a happy time gazing at the stars! 

Portability and Setup: There’s more to buying a telescope than just how well it can show you the stars. In addition to the setup and portability of the system, it is essential to consider how it is used. It is possible to explain the importance of these things in several ways. 

Let’s start by discussing portability. Consider living in a city with many lights. Due to light pollution, the stars may be difficult to see. Portable telescopes can be quickly taken away from town or even to a less-light park. 

The term “portable” no longer just refers to the device’s size. Carrying and packing it up is easy. Make sure telescopes are lightweight and can be transported when viewed. Next, consider the setup.

How long does it take to put it together? Is it complicated? Remember, you might be setting up in the dark, so it needs to be simple. Plus, if it takes too long, you might miss out on seeing something extraordinary in the sky! 

An easy setup also means you can use your telescope more often. If setting up is a hassle, you might use it less. And that would be a shame, right? So, before you buy a telescope, think about portability and setup. It might seem small, but they can improve your stargazing experience. Have fun looking at the stars! 

Focal Length and Aperture Size: When you purchase a telescope, you are picking out a super-powered eye. The same applies to telescopes, which must focus and let in light. In this case, focal length and aperture size are essential. 

Focus determines focal length. Telescopes measure the distance between their lenses or mirrors and the point at which light comes together. A longer focal length narrows the view, but it allows you to see things closer.

A shorter focal length makes the view more comprehensive, but it won’t be as zoomed in as a longer one. Light passes through apertures like pupils in our eyes. The aperture will make your vision clearer and brighter when it is more extensive.

However, there is one thing to remember when choosing a telescope: a larger aperture means a more significant and heavier telescope. If you buy a telescope without considering these factors, you could get an unsatisfactory view.

Understanding focal lengths and aperture sizes will help you make the right purchase. If you want to go stargazing, making the right choice is easier with the following guide.

5 Best 8 inch telescope

This article has compiled a list of the top 5 best 8-inch telescopes. Its purpose is to assist you in navigating the sea of options and finding the proper scope for you. If you read an excellent telescope review before purchasing, you will get the most value for your money. Embark on a journey!

Sky Watcher Quattro 200P Imaging Newtonian

Sky-Watcher Quattro 200P telescopes show you the universe in a whole new way. This exceptional equipment can capture a stunningly detailed view of the cosmos. One of the most essential features of Quattro 200P is its optics, which can open up to f4.

This telescope can capture more detail quickly by taking shorter exposure times. Reducing the time it takes to view something will give you a better view more quickly. Whether the galaxies seem far or near, the clear and detailed images will amaze you.

The Crayford-style focuser has a unique feature: a 2-inch diameter and dual speeds. With this, you’ll never miss focus again. The dual-speed mechanism offers fine-tuned control, ensuring you get the sharpest images possible.

It’s like having a fine-tuning knob for the universe! The Quattro 200P has a large mirror that evenly illuminates APS-C and full-frame DSLRs. Capturing the camera sensor’s full view creates evenly bright images across the frame.

A knife-edge baffle on the telescope further enhances your viewing experience. You can see things more clearly by stopping extra light from entering the long tube. It’s like having a personal light shield guarding your observations!

This telescope includes everything you need, which is one of its best features. A bracket with tube rings allows you to attach two types of finderscopes to the Sky-Watcher.

A Vixen-style dovetail is also available for mounting a camera and a telescope. Accessory prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This telescope can see many things because it has an 800mm focal length.

In short, the Sky-Watcher Quattro 200P telescope isn’t just a tool; it’s your door to space. Experience exceptional stargazing with this telescope. It will leave you starstruck! So why wait? The universe is calling!

  • Fast f/4 optics for bright, clear images.
  • 2-inch dual-speed focuser for sharp focus.
  • Multiple knife-edge baffles minimize stray light.
  • Easy to collimate.
  • Good thermal stability.
  • Large sizes might make it difficult to handle and transport.
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Celestron CELESTRON Flextube 200 Dobsonian 8-inch Collapsible Large Aperture Telescope

The Hard Introducing Flextube 200 Dobsonian is a substantial telescope. The affordable telescope mirror gathers lots of light, giving us amazing, detailed views of space. In addition to its innovative collapsible design, this telescope has several impressive features.

The optical tube has a unique strut system for easy transport and storage. This feature won’t affect mirror alignment, so there’s no need to check collimation constantly.

Celestron Flextube 200 Dobsonian telescopes also feature a tension control handle. These handles allow telescopes to be precisely moved without being perfectly balanced.

This feature makes it easier to move telescopes at night and ensures they move smoothly and precisely. The telescope has unique mirrors that reflect 94% of light. Due to this great reflection, you’ll enjoy incredible views regardless of what you look at.

It also has proprietary Teflon bearings, which assure smooth azimuth movement. Therefore, the movement of celestial objects across the sky is easy to track. Including all necessary accessories, the Celestron Flextube 200 Dobsonian is a great value.

The package includes an 8×50 finder scope and two eyepieces (25mm and 10mm). Also, it has a 2-inch focuser and a 4-inch adapter. From the box, you have everything you need to explore the cosmos.

Despite its robust features, the telescope remains lightweight and sturdy. Weighing only 40 pounds when fully assembled, it’s easy to set up and move around. Your observations in space will be steady on a 26-pound base and a 24-pound tube.

The Celestron Flextube 200 Dobsonian telescope provides great value for money. Its user-friendly design and portable size make it the best pick for new or experienced stargazers. It stands out for its smart design and high-quality lenses.

  • Large aperture for bright views.
  • Collapsible design for portability.
  • Proprietary handles for accurate movement.
  • Highly reflective mirrors for great views.
  • Affordable for its features.
  • It may require regular collimation.
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Orion CC8 8″ f/12 Classical Cassegrain Telescope

The Orion CC8 telescope’s classical Cassegrain design is impressive in astronomy. This telescope is famous for taking great pictures of moons and planets. This telescope shows close-up views of stars and planets with its long focal length of 2400mm (f 12).

With its “folded” focal length, you don’t need a lot of equipment to set up and use this telescope. It is ideal for those seeking power in a compact size with a 25″ optical tube.

It is great for those who prefer strong performance without bulkiness. Among the Orion CC8’s most essential features is its 200mm stationary primary mirror. This mirror is made of durable and stable quartz that keeps it steady.

Traditional telescopes may cause image shifts or mirror flops, but not the Orion CC8. Observing for a while lets you keep what you see through the telescope clear and steady.

The telescope has a precise 2-inch focuser for sharp views of the sky. It comes with a 1.25-inch adapter. This helps you see the stars better because focusing is smooth and accurate.

The Orion CC8 has two finder scope bases and mounting bars in D and V styles. Additionally, it includes three extension rings for more observation options. These tools help with studying space as you can use various ways of seeing things.

Explore the cosmos with this compact, user-friendly telescope with impressive optics. It’s a worthy investment. The Orion CC8 telescope is excellent for new and experienced stargazers. Its design and features make observation sessions more enjoyable and rewarding.

  • Compact yet powerful design.
  • Dual-speed focuser for precise focusing.
  • Versatile with D- and V-style mounting bars.
  • Serious magnifying capabilities.
  • Open tube design reduces acclimation delays.
  • Limited information on included accessories.
  • Requires time to acclimate to outdoor temperatures.
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Sky-Watcher S11800 GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian 8-Inch

The Sky-Watcher telescope is excellent for new stargazers and seasoned astronomers. Like pricier models, this telescope’s big lens gives you a clear view. One of this telescope’s unique features is its collapsible design.

With its collimation maintained, the optical tube is highly portable. This telescope is different from others in its category because it’s easy to use and works well. What sets the Sky-Watcher S11800 apart is its built-in WiFi.

With Sky-Watcher’s WiFi, you can control the telescope using your phone or tablet, making stargazing better. A pair of DC servo motors drive the telescope with an all-metal gearbox.

This setup provides the accuracy of a computerized GoTo telescope and offers the clear, wide-viewing experience typical of a Dobsonian. The Sky-Watcher S11800 offers excellent optical performance.

The Sky-Watcher S11800 has great optics. The mirrors are coated for better reflection, giving fantastic night sky views. An essential feature of the application is its extensive database of objects.

Over 42,000 objects can be found in the database of the SynScan hand controller. A seasoned astronomer could spend countless nights researching this vast collection. The telescope includes a complete set of accessories: two eyepieces, a finder scope, and a focusing tool.

Despite being solid and well-built, the Sky-Watcher S11800 is relatively lightweight. Fully assembled, it weighs just 57 pounds and is easy to transport. With a focal length of up to 1200, this telescope makes it easy and friendly to discover the universe.

  • Collapsible design for easy transportation.
  • 8″ diameter mirror for bright, clear views.
  • Comes with 2 Plossl eyepieces.
  • High-performance features in a budget-friendly package.
  • This database comes with a 42,000-object database.
  • Heavy weight could limit portability.
  • Automated tracking features might be expensive for some.
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Last words 

This Celestron Starsense Explorer 8-inch Dobsonian Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope is our top choice. Compared to other models in the market, this model has the most features and offers the best value.

The Celestron Starsense Explorer is a high-tech tool for hobbyist astronomers. It has many features. This one is easier to use as an elegant Newtonian telescope than a standard one. This feature is helpful for people who like looking at stars and want an easy-to-use tool.

With its smartphone app-enabled functionality, this telescope stands out among its competitors. This modern telescope blends advanced technology with traditional stargazing. It helps users explore the night sky effortlessly. This tool will make exploring space more interactive and enjoyable.

There is no disappointment regarding the Celestron Starsense Explorer’s performance. Planets and deep-sky objects can be viewed through the 8-inch aperture. Observe the stars with this telescope. It’s suitable for all experience levels.

As for the value of money, this telescope excels. The Celestron Starsense Explorer offers excellent value due to its advanced features. It’s a worthy investment for anyone passionate about astronomy.

Enjoy the Celestron Starsense Explorer 8-inch Dobsonian Telescope—a top-notch device. It is app-enabled for smartphone use and delivers exceptional performance on all fronts.

This telescope will surely satisfy you and even exceed your expectations. So why wait? Dive into the wonders of the universe with this exceptional piece of equipment.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.